How to Migrate Your E-commerce Platform from WooCommerce to Shopify?

Migrating your store from WooCommerce to Shopify is not that difficult, but not a simple task too. You need to keep all your SEO rankings and to move across all customer data.

First, Why Shopify?
For the modern e-commerce market, Shopify is a top-class piece of kit. Through Shopify, you will have your own Shopify stack, reducing the risk and increasing the control over your business. While working with a team that understands growing e-commerce revenue, the benefit of Shopify over WooCommerce Shop becomes apparent and a lot more is possible.

Plus, the world’s highest revenue sites are built on Shopify and hence you get to benefit from all their lessons and technology as someone else has blazed the trail before you.

I agree, it can be a very complicated process when transferring your entire business between platforms.

Below are the 3 elements that you need to be concerned about when you decide to move.

why shopify

1. Products

Manual Product Export

Click on the WooCommerce tab on your WordPress admin Panel.

Then CSV Import Suite–Export Products.

You have the option to export just the products, or product variations here. This is purely based on whether you have different sizes or colors for your items.

Once you have exported your products, you will then need to arrange them so that the fields apply to Shopify.


2. Orders
Looking to import your customer’s orders from your previous platform?

It’s a good idea to do so. The reason being, you will want to keep information on customers and their buying habits, so you can retarget and upsell to them on your new platform.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of manually importing orders into Shopify and it has to be done through a 3rd party app. It will cost you, but some great apps take the pain out of the situation.

The same goes for exporting products from WooCommerce to Shopify Migration. They realize that you are moving to another platform, or you’ll need it for a third-party system, so understandably it comes at a cost.

3. Redirects
If you want to switch the platforms Redirect is an important component.

Why? If you change a link, you risk losing past customers who have bookmarked your pages.

If you have any external links pointing to your pages, it will affect these.

URL redirection is necessary for directing visitor to a new URL address from old one.

Shopify Migration Services

Manual Redirects
The significant thing about Shopify is you can set redirects within the admin panel.

Just head to Online Store–Navigation.

From here you will see URL redirects.

Click Add URL redirect. Enter the old URL in the old path, enter new in redirects to, and save.

Final Thoughts:
Of course, Shopify is one of the best option to opt for your e-commerce store. It is versatile, cost-effective, & highly customizable e-commerce platform that is defiantly worth migrating to. At Cartcoders the migration service will be more helpful to you for performing data transferring across multiple shopping carts as trouble-free as possible.