The Best Key Features of Web Development

Today websites not only look good but they are also functional, optimized & interactive places that engage readers from the get-go. Because to be successful online, it’s no longer good enough just to have a web presence.

For a successful business, your website has to meet the same standards as your competitors.

Let’s discuss the top essential features for your web development:

Good Web Design

Your website design must be simple & professional because creating a simple interface for the users will surely pay off. Your website should be designed and maintained to increase the traffic & then boost up the conversions.

You can put sustained efforts to create an attractive website layout to attract the visitors. Keep the good mix of images, text, subtle colors, and good graphics for a simple & meaningful website. Break the text into small sizeable blocks of text with quality images.


Even a minor change in the browsing behavior with no longer acceptable to focus design on how the website looks on computer screens. Today more than 60% of all browsing is done on smartphones & more of us are using phones to make online purchases.

If your website isn’t designed from the bottom up to cater for your mobile users to lose potential 60% of its traffic & any resulting sales. The only solution is to make sure your site has a fully functioning mobile-friendly design that your visitors can access wherever they are. This will increase your visitors quickly and on any device as well.

Quick loading times

Slow loading time has a hugely negative effect on the performance of a website because not only search engines rank your pages lower, but there is statistical evidence that users will abandon your site if they have to wait.

In the retail environments, the profit margin is small, improving loading times by a second could be the difference between success & failure.

Your website can be slow down because of numerous things, but the best way to discover what these are & how you can speed your site up is with the Shopify Google PageSpeed Insights Integration Services. Always host your website with a provider that uses high performance, web optimized servers.


You need to measure the performance of your website to know about where it needs to be improved. The only way to do this is to set up analytics tracking by using free tools such as Google Analytics, here you can track a wide range of metrics, traffic volumes & visitor’s behavior as well as setting goals & measuring conversions.

With all this freely available information, you’ll easily be able to understand which parts of your website are functioning well and which parts need more development.

Built for conversion

The main purpose of any business website is to generate new business whether this is to attract new customers or retain existing ones. To maximize your earning potential, you should set up specific landing pages and create sales funnels that will have the most impact.

Web Content

It is said, “Content is King”. All the folks use search engines to get quality information. Thus your website must serve the purpose. Strive to provide quality and unique information to the readers. Visitors and search engines both have a preference for websites with fresh and engaging content. 

It is essential, therefore, that your website design makes it easy for you to manage your content. CMS platforms, such as WordPress, are ideal for this. A CMS will enable you to publish new content regularly and you can use this to create long-term content marketing campaigns.

Carry out appropriate research to pen down the relevant information. Blend the content with images, videos, and infographics. No one loves to read the enormous textual words. A simple and attractive infographics are worth it. Optimize the content so that it appears in the top results of Google. 

Social media

Today social media is one of the fastest extending process that deliver your brands to the customers, every website needs to have social sharing buttons on their pages so that readers can spread the word.

As a company, you should set-up a social media accounts that can generate traffic to your website.

Set up email marketing

Today almost every business uses email marketing, and it is more effective as generating new business than social media which has higher conversion rates than PPC. Direct mail or broadcast advertising.

For understanding email marketing, your website needs to contain email subscription forms by taking the benefits of email & newsletters plugins, third party software to deliver marketing materials for your subscribers.

Robust Security

Today cyber-attacks on websites required robust protection. This is the important factor for choosing a web host that provides the essential security tools you need such as remote backups, SSL certificates, & spam filtering so on. At the same time, you can configure for website security that passwords are secured using two-factor authentication.

Progressive Web Apps

People spend more time on apps than they do surfing the web. One way to make your website more user-friendly would be to make it look and work just like an app and have a range of app-like features. This can be done using progressive web app software.

Why not just have an app instead of a website? One of the best features of a progressive web app is that, unlike normal Android or iOS apps, their content is indexed by search engines and appears in research results. Progressive web apps, therefore, give you the best of both formats.

Web Compatibility

The website must be compatible to run across for different platforms and browsers and devices. Your site must be well-built and display easily across different screen sizes and resolutions.


As you can see, the best of today’s websites have features that are geared to help businesses succeed online. From defense against cyber-attacks to app-like performance, they enable websites to be user-friendly, search engine friendly and optimized to improve conversion rates.