The Complete Learning Guide To Web Accessibility For A Website Development Company India

Most often a Website Development Company India abbreviates web accessibility by a11y. It is something about which numerous internet users don’t think about at all. Still, it reflects almost all of us in a similar way.

Accessibility is all about you, your colleagues. Your friends, and family members and it is about having empathy for other people. It is all about us being capable of using the internet in the easiest way possible without any confusion or hindrance.

As accessibility is impacting a huge range of people and is inclusive of such a broad field of subjects, there is much more to learn!

Start at the Beginning

If you are going to start a Drupal Development Company India and you are just a newbie to the world of accessibility, then resources will assist you in getting started along with assisting you to have a better understanding of why this is worth investing in some energy into.

Testing for Some Complications Related to Common Accessibility

Having a proper understanding of the complications related to accessibility comes from having experienced them. It is possible only by making use of tools for examining those complications.

Accessibility for Every Individual

You have to gather knowledge about necessary laws and guidelines, have to learn how to plan for, how to evaluate, and test accessible design.

Accessible HTML

The developers in the Best WordPress Development Company can make numerous accessibility improvements behind the scenes in the HTML. Most often assistive Technologies for instance screen readers rely on the markup instead of what is visually output to the browser. So, it is really very crucial that your website should make sense from a markup point of view.

But one can make additional improvements by making proper use of HTML attributes.

ARIA Landmark Roles

ARIA Landmark roles. The additional layers of attributes. Usually take semantics a step further in assisting assistive technology users to navigate the pages of a website.


Accessibility is basically referred to as user experience. If your website is not accessible for users in some form. It is fallen at the first ux obstacle for some users.

For the Developers of Theme

The theme developers in the Best WordPress Development must have consciousness about the accessibility of the website. An individual who is going to buy a theme might not be aware or may not know how to ensure that the website built by them is accessible.