Top 10 Free Drupal Themes To Make A Stunning Website

Drupal is one of those platforms that brought a revolution in the CMS market. Currently, it is one of the most sought-after CMS platforms to build exceptional websites of any type, be it small or complex. Top-notch security is one of the reasons why Drupal has such huge popularity and more than 1.3 million websites are built on this CMS platform. With Drupal, you can build a fully-customized website with unforgettable user experience. If you’re wondering how, well, just to let you know, Drupal has more than 1500 themes to choose from in order to build an exceptional website. But surely, you cannot use all of them during the Drupal web development process for your website. And obviously, it is quite a difficult task to find that perfect theme for your website from such a huge pile. Therefore, to help you with that, we have compiled a list of the top 10 free Drupal themes that you can think of using for your website. So, let’s begin our list! 

Top 10 Free Drupal Themes To Make A Stunning Website
  • Corporate Clean

Corporate Clean is one of the most used Drupal themes. It offers a set of unique features that you won’t find in any other Drupal theme. The key highlight of this theme is the color scheme selector. Now, it is important to understand that most Drupal themes do not offer this feature where you can change the page background or a button. The theme also allows you to adjust some screen elements’ color. 

  • BlueMaster

You would be amazed to know that BlueMaster is available on both Drupal and WordPress. The theme is managed by one of the noted organizations in the Drupal community – More Than Themes. It is important to know that BlueMaster supports the layout of 12 regions. More the regions, the more customizable the theme is. 

  • Zen

Zen is another popular Drupal theme that is known to offer semantically correct HTML coding. Along with that, it also supports a number of great features. One of the key features of Zen is the simplified front end development Sass or Gulp.js as well as Drush support. This is one of those Drupal themes that are SEO-friendly. 

  • Nexus Theme 

If you are looking to build a website with images, then Nexus is the right fit as a Drupal theme. It gives you a clear design template to build a website with images. The header of the theme includes narrow sidebars and also has a navigation bar to help make a website look more elegant. 

  • Danland

Danland is one of those themes that you will find in every list of top free Drupal themes. This is a highly flexible theme that gives users fine-tune the layout of their site. The reason why Danland is a highly preferred theme is that it supports the layout of 26 regions. 

  • Zircon

Another theme that is a perfect fit for the websites rich in images is Zircon. It has some convincing features including a slider, carousel, and slideshow. The theme is supported in both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. 

  • Business Responsive

Business Responsive is another renowned theme which is a preferred choice of many Drupal developers. Just to let you know, this theme supports the layouts of 17 regions. Besides, the Business Responsive theme also comes with a slider feature. But, the installation of this feature requires manual effort which has to be done after installing the theme. Another key feature of this theme is the support of social media icons for different popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

  • Fontfolio

For all the multilingual websites, Fontfolio is a preferred choice of theme. The theme supports easy links setup to web pages in different languages. It is also one of those themes that are available in both Drupal and WordPress. It is a simple, yet elegant theme that supports a 2-column responsive design. 

  • Commerce Theme

As the name itself suggests, Commerce Theme is a perfect theme for an e-commerce website. The theme design supports the easy, clear, and effective display of your products to users. The talk of this theme is its layout dependability that can be adjusted according to the screen size of the device a user is using. 

  • Adaptive Theme

With Adaptive Theme, you don’t need any sort of programming language. Yes, this is its biggest advantage. You can simply get access to the theme via the user interface. The key highlight of Adaptive Theme is that it also works as a full-fledged framework that helps you build your own themes. Interesting, isn’t it? Being a high-performance theme, it supports a number of caching techniques as well as plugins. 

With that being said, we come to the end of our list of top free Drupal themes that you can use to build your website. However, once you have selected the theme, you will need professional assistance to help you create a remarkable website. Hence, comes Auxesis Infotech – a leading web agency. We have years of experience, expertise, and a team of highly skilled professionals to offer quality services to you.