Top 6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started As Web Developer

Failing is always better than not trying at all and this is exactly what should be kept in mind when you are getting started with a field as complex as website development. Since a website is considered the most important investment for any business, its development demands high-level quality services and expertise from the developer. However, there are several misconceptions around this work field including its relevance with math and or the misbelief that website developers just write codes. These misconceptions are similar to thinking that it is less costly to handle web development in-house or the notion that a business owner loses control over the development process when outsourcing the project to a web design and development company. Well, to break this to you and give you a clear idea with the help of some of the top 6 factors that could help you in your if you have just started as a web developer. 

Top 6 Things A Web Developer Must Know
Write Clean Codes

Website development is a multidimensional process. Hence, it requires a huge amount of time and effort for learning and understanding it completely. This is the reason why large applications and complex websites demand a huge amount of time for debugging oftentimes debugging requires more time than writing the codes itself. So, this makes the need for writing codes properly and in a clean way very important to ensure the best performance. Because a code that is written in an incorrect manner can even make it difficult for you to read and understand it later when you try to comprehend even the slightest bug. 

Prioritize Language Over Framework

Another very crucial thing you must keep in mind is that you should prioritize language over the framework. This is because it has become very common that people first go on to learn the tactics of a framework rather than learning and getting better at the language. This is altogether a wrong approach to handle a web project. Because when you have clarity on the language, you will be able to know and understand how the framework works. Whereas if you don’t have an idea about the underlying language, you will not likely understand why certain things have been implemented in the framework.

Become the Master of What You Do

If you take the famous saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” and change it to “Jack of all trades, master of one” you can become dramatically successful in the field of web development. This is because no matter how good you are with a lot of things, you must possess one skill that can make you stand out from the crowd. This is the reason why web developers are often advised to explore new technologies but stick to one on what they have achieved mastery over. Because even if you move from one certain language to another, it is always a good idea to become a master of one language. However, you must choose wisely for which one you can begin with.

Learn From Others’ Work

It is good to be good at what you are doing and it takes an entirely subjective journey to master your craft. However, if you look around and see others’ work in the same area, you will shock yourself to know that there is a lot that you can learn from their work. So, it is very important that you acknowledge your shortcomings and leave a space for improvement in your work. As it will only help you know better and grow as a developer. Hence, make sure that you notice and grasp the approach of others to solve certain problems that you may have had in the past.

Proper Problem-Solving and Searching

In the journey of becoming a web developer, it is very important that you must be good with some natural problem solving and searching skills. These skills can be built through projects like data structures and algorithms and also by solving some challenges, puzzles. It requires you to keep practicing for whatever you are choosing to practice. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced website developer, you should be searching for information about the syntax and solutions for the problems that come in the development process. This will help you by introducing strange errors that you might be unaware of and this knowledge will help grow in the long run. 

Ask for Code Reviews 

No matter what the work is, reviewing it is extremely important as it clears out the doubts and shortcomings of the development process. Hence, you must ask for a review of the codes that you write as it not only helps you expose the loopholes but also makes you learn while working on the correction. So, it is important that you must ask for a reviewal from your seniors or mentors and never take those reviews personally but take them professionally. This will not only help you grow as a developer but also provide you with the correct vision of the art of web development.

To summarize, this post intends to give you a wide comprehension of all the things that you must consider in order to grow as a website developer and we hope that this can give you enough knowledge far and wide in your field of work.