What Are The Reasons Why Websites Crash

WordPress is responsible for powering up more than 450,000,000 websites on the internet today. This is because this platform is highly accessible, especially for those with minimal technical knowledge.

But with this easy access comes a catch. As a WordPress site grows, it gets prone to major issues and errors like “WordPress briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. check back in a minute”. Worst of all, your website may even crash.

A website crash typically means that your site is either temporarily or permanently down and unavailable. This has quite a few troublesome effects on a site.

The first and essential issue is a significant decline in the site’s traffic. Moreover, you’ll notice a significant turndown in traffic once the site goes live again. This turndown is the bad impression of your site on the audience, and it is not easy to overcome.

In this piece, we’ll talk about some reasons why websites crash and how you can prevent them. But first, let us tell you what kind of sites are vulnerable to crashes.

Let’s begin.

What Kind OF Sites Are Vulnerable ToCrashes?

If you can relate to any of these factors mentioned below, the probability of your website experiencing a crash is high.

  1. Inexperienced staff working on your website.
  2. Poor quality maintenance or no maintenance at all.
  3. Acquiring third-party plugins for your sites.
  4. No plan for scaling your site.
3 Reasons Why Websites Crash
  1. The unprecedented spike in website’s traffic
  2. Broken code lines
  3. Unsafe plugins
1.      The unprecedented spike in website’s traffic

Every website has limited bandwidth in terms of how much traffic it can handle at one time. A website cannot accommodate traffic once it surpasses the bandwidth and crashes.

To prevent this, you need to acquire scalable resources like cloud platforms. Today, websites leverage cloud technologies like AWS (Amazon Cloud Services)due to their flexible and scalable nature. This amount is worth paying as it allows you to only pay for what you’re using. Moreover, you can scale and downgrade the package anytime you want.

2.      Broken Code Lines

Technically, programming code is the backbone of your website, and it makes all the features on your website work. Therefore, an issue in your website code means it is quite vulnerable to crashes.

To prevent your site from crashes in terms of broken code lines, ensure that your website code is always backed up to retrieve it. Also, it must be placed on a micro-services architecture so that if one part is being changed and it does get affected, others can continue seamlessly. Moreover, it would be even better if only a skilled professional would work on your site’s code.

3.      Unsafe Plugins

Plugins are the essentials for any WordPress site. You can add almost every feature and functionality to your site using a plugin. But again, plugins are the biggest reasons why most WordPress sites go down every day.

Many third-party plugins out there are not secure or stable enough to be added to sites. If you do use them, you’re putting your site at risk of crashing anytime.

To prevent this, don’t go for unstable plugins in the first place and continuously update the secure plugins on your sites.

These were some common reasons why WordPress sites often crash. By following the instructions mentioned above, you can keep your site from crashing.